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Our Quality Policy

Our lawyers, who are experts in their own fields, use coordinated communication methods to the end and produce solutions that reach fast results.

Our responsibilities to our clients are as follows;

We work with an understanding that responds in the shortest amount of time and in the most accurate manner in line with the needs and demands of our clients by providing the information flow with the clients on the basis of their satisfaction.

Our social responsibilities are as follows;

Employees of Karahan Law Firm, who have goodness, respect, love, tolerance and similar qualities, always carry out their works within the framework of these values.

Our legal responsibilities are as follows;

Karahan Law Firm employees conduct their activities in line with the T.R. laws and international law, in accordance with the professional principles of advocacy, and in accordance with the principles of universal law, professional ethics and ethical rules, they provide accurate, complete and understandable information to legal regulatory institutions and organizations in a timely manner.

Our responsibilities to our colleagues are as follows;

Avoiding unfair competition, we implement the efforts to ensure a lawful structure with a dynamic, transparent and honest structure.

Team spirit;

Being able to say “us” instead of “me” and acting together as a whole lead to the release of creative energy. With this thought, each member of our team respects and supports each other.


Karahan Law Firm employees work hard to ensure that their rights to reach information and obtain information about their clients are guaranteed by constitutional norms.


As Karahan Law Firm, we protect personal and corporate secrets.

Creativity and Free Thinking;

Creativity is the basis of all work done, and different opinions are expressed freely.